Cast On 4 Kids

You are invited to drop off your winter-warmers or to join us for 67 minutes to knit/crochet (please bring your own needles and wool) at the Erinvale Hotel on Mandela Day between 11h00 and 14h00.

We are collecting beanies and blankets to distribute to the ECD Centres we mentor in the informal settlements. These pre-schools educate and nurture nearly 2 000 children between 0 and 6 years old.

We are also teaming up with ECHO this year with their Wrap Up & Read campaign to collect age-appropriate books (hardboard books are great!). Those of you who cannot knit/crochet are encouraged to join in by donating a fleece blanket and/or book, and dropping with us at Erinvale Hotel on Mandela Day.




4ply wool, size 10 & 11 needles.

Cast on 90 stitches with size 11 needles. Work knit1 pearl1 rib for 5cm

Change to size 10 needles and work in pattern of your choice until work measures 12.5cm from beginning. Shape top

Row1: (knit8 knit2tog) 9 times

Row2: and alternate rows – knit

Row3: (knit7,knit2tog) 9 times

Row5: (knit6 knit2tog) 9 times

Row7: (knit5 knit2tog) 9 times

Row 9: (knit4 knit2tog) 9 times

Row11: (knit3, knit2tog) 9 times

Row 13: (knit2, knit2tog) 9 times Row 15: (knit 1, knit 2tog) 9 times

Row 16: knit Row 17: (knit 2 tog) 9 times Break yarn and thread through stitches.

SQUARES – suggested:

Double knitting wool

Size 4 needles

35 stitches


Knit a scarf (or part of one and hand it on) or squares for blankets and join us on 18th July. We will collate and distribute all contributions to the children in the 30 ECD Centres we mentor.