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Masikhule First 1000 Days : From Conception to 2 years - 2 courses per annum


In line with NDP, the focus of Department of Social Development and the Millennium Development Goals, these Workshops are aimed at pregnant women, community health care workers, parents and créche workers caring for young children from birth to 2 years.


The Four-day Workshop covers:


•     Maternal health and well-being

•     Mother and baby nutrition

•     Foetal development and early stimulation

•     Early bonding and sensitive nurturing

•     Baby and toddler development

•     Learning through sensory motor play

•     Baby and toddler stimulation needs and ideas

•     Practical toy-making & creating from waste for babies and toddlers.  


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Advanced ECD course for 2014 5-day Early Childhood Development Course BACK TO TOP MASIKHULE COURSE SCHEDULE 2017

Basic Early Childhood Development course - 9 courses per annum

(4 Basic and 5 Basic Intermediate*)


12-15 Delegates will  receive comprehensive, practical and relevant  training in Early Child Development and Stimulation.  This will enable them to become carers / practitioners within a crèche or to be placed with an employer. Attendees will also be equipped to better raise their own children and assist within their community.


•     Basic principles of child development  

•     The importance of play on development

•     Baby exercises and positioning  

•     Practical, age-related toy making and creating from waste  

•     Creative play and play ideas  

•     Basic hygiene and safety

•     Early childhood nutrition.


* Basic Intermediate courses are aimed at teachers and volunteers already working at ECD Centres and will offer them vital information and insight into child development and the importance of purposeful stimulation in the early years (0 - 5 years).

Advanced Early Childhood Development course and Mentoring - 2 courses per annum


Community-based pre-school teachers will be given full training over seven weeks, enabling them to apply a holistic early child development program within their pre-schools and allowing Masikhule staff to evaluate their performance and offer support.


•     ECD program planning and implementation

•     Exploring themes and activities  

•     How to work and plan according to desired outcomes

•     Practical implementation of a holistic child development programme for all ages

•     Class management and set-up

•     Each ECD centre attending the Advanced ECD course receives an ECD Resource Kit

     of supplies.

ECD Training Courses:



Principals of ECD Centres who attend the Basic Business Management course each receive a kit which includes:


•     Files, dividers and plastic sleeves

•     Petty cash box and receipt book

•     Office stationery

•     Reference material, etc


Teaching Enrichment Workshop - 9 Workshops per annum: 

Regular, focussed and specialised 1-day Workshops for teachers, prepared by an Occupational Therapist in response to specific developmental and learning needs identified through assessments of children in the pre-school years.


NOTE: Attendees need to have completed the Masikhule Basic ECD and been teaching at a community-based ECD centre for at least 6 months.

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Best Nutrition Workshop - 2 Workshops per annum:

A 4-day Workshop for women who prepare food in ECD Centres in marginalised communities to provide accessible solutions and guidance as to how best store, prepare and plan menus to provide the children with the required nutrients within the limited budgets available.  

Base line assessments of the children will be done prior to, and following the training.    



•  Nutritional requirements of children

•  Menu assessment and planning

•  Standardized menus and practicals on healthy food preparation including portion sizes

•  Best hygiene, safety and storage practices.


Cooks to receive a Best Nutrition Kit to include a Wonderbag, pot, serving spoons, measuring cups and spoons, storage containers, digital scale (to weigh children) and height measure.  


NOTE: Attendees need to have completed the Masikhule Basic ECD and be responsible for food preparation at a community-based ECD centre.

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Advanced ECD Group making every moment count. 

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Basic Business Management Course - 1 course per annum


Once a year Masikhule runs a seven-module course for pre-school Principals focusing on administrative and office management skills, financial management, human resources, positive discipline and leadership skills. This highly practical course, which includes follow-up mentorship and in-service training visits, enables delegates to successfully manage and sustain an Early Learning Centre or crèche.


The course includes three pillars:







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